Meg Bucaro

    Meg Bucaro

    Meg is a communication strategist, author and college faculty who is passionate about empowering clients to perform at their highest level by implementing powerful communication behaviors to increase their influence.​

    Meg is a communications strategist, keynote speaker, author, trainer and college faculty who is passionate about empowering clients to perform at their highest level by communicating with power and influence. Whether Meg is working with clients on how to communicate with confidence and authenticity, or how to increase likeability, credibility and influence, Meg brings her expertise, sense of humor and passion to each class, session and event!

    Earning her Master's Degree in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University, she has taught in higher education since 2001. Her professional speaking career was launched in 2009 and began to coach and work with law enforcement professionals, while developing her Law Enforcement Boot Camp. Soon thereafter her work with attorney's began showing them on how best to increase influence in the courtroom. Her clients now include those in healthcare, technology, financial services, insurance, education, sales, politics as well as the practice of law and law enforcement. 

    Meg is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), a past President of the Illinois Chapter of NSA, and serves on the National Alumni Board of her alma mater, College, in Dubuque, IA.

    When it comes to kicking back, Meg enjoys time with her family, soaking in the Midwest weather on her patio with a cocktail and a good book or going for a jog while listening to her favorite 90's rap tunes. Any given Sunday in the fall, this avid Chicago Bears fan can be found cheering on her beloved Bears (no matter how dismal their record has been).​​

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    If you currently own or would like to purchase the Meg’s first book, Put Your Big Girl Pants On...: and Other Power Moves to Increase Influence, there will be time after the closing plenary program to meet and have your book signed by author Meg Bucaro 

    Just Released – Put Your Big Girl Pants On...: and Other Power Moves to Increase Influence 

    Women can encounter unique communication challenges that are often treated with one-size-fits-all solutions. This book reveals strategies and tactics to help women specifically increase their influence through authentic, powerful communication behaviors. Your 'big girl pants' will help to communicate your authentic self-worth and confidence. Putting big girl pants on is a symbol of recognizing your intrinsic value in a world that doesn't always lend it to you. This book reminds the reader that you do not need to be in a position of power to communicate powerfully. 
    Do not read this book if you are easily offended, don't like the title, can't appreciate a well-placed curse word, or think 'pants' needs to mean literal pants. 
    This book will be worthwhile for those who need a few strategies to hone their communication skills, are not often sure what to say, occasionally walk away from interactions with regret, need a friendly little kick in the behind to feel empowered, or might benefit from a little pep talk! ​

    BYOB – Bring your own book 
    Please purchase your books prior to the conference. Books will not be available onsite. You can check your local bookstore or find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or support the author directly. 


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