​​​​​​​​​​​​​Plenary Sessions​​

Thursday Opening Plenary Session​​

June 20, 2024

Using Artificial Intelligence with Both the Benefits and Risks in Mind

Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed at an unprecedented pace, surpassing other technologies in its rapid development. But this swift deployment of AI introduces various risks, leaving many in the legal profession apprehensive about safely incorporating it into their practice. Hear from experts who encourage lawyers to har​ness AI technology in representing clients, while approaching it with the risks in mind.  You'll learn from Judge Scott Schlegel, one of the country's technology experts who has experience incorporating AI into the courts. Discover his perspectives on:

  • ​The benefits AI brings to court automation and access to justice

  • Regulation, standards, and best practices for lawyers using AI in generating court documents

  • Other ways courts could use AI

  • Increasing judicial awareness of AI 

Professor David Kemp will explain strengths and limitations of AI based on his experience teaching legal research and writing and professional responsibility. He will discuss:

  • Fundamentals of how generative AI models like ChatGPT work*

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the tool

  • Ethical considerations

  • Risk and safety concerns (i.e., privacy, security, inaccurate content, IP issues)

  • How to assess the suitability of any AI-driven tool.

​Be prepared for the future of the legal profession by gaining a better understanding of the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence. 

* Prof. David Kemp will be presenting a separate, stand-alone session entitled “The Practical Applications of AI" following the opening plenary from 9:50 am - 10:50 am.


Hon. Scott U. Schlegel, Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal
Judge Scott U. Schlegel
David S. Kemp, Adjunct Professor, Rutgers Law School
David​​​​​ S. Kemp

​Friday Opening Plena​ry Session​​

JUNE 21, 2024

Law Firm Family Feud​

In the past year, several new ethics opinions were issued by the ABA Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and by the State Bar's Professional Ethics Committee. In addition, the use of Generative AI has raised a number of ethical​ issues. This program is designed to provide attorneys with the information they need to comply with their ethical obligations and to provide that information in a way that will be easy to remember.​


Thomas J. Watson
WILMIC, Madison
Your Game Show Host​

Annie Jay
Assistant District Attorney - Dane County, Madison

Stacie H. Rosenzweig
​Halling & Cayo, S.C., Milwaukee

T.R. Williams

Emil Ovbiagele
OVB Law & Consulting, S.C., Milwaukee

David H. Perlman
Judicial Education, Madison

Timothy C. Samuelson
Office of Lawyer Regulation, Madison

Dean R. Dietrich
State Bar President, Weld Riley, Wausau

Aviva Meridian Kaiser

Sarah Peterson​
State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison

​Friday Closing Plenary Session​​

Communicate More Effectively: Power Moves to Increase Confidence and Influence ​

We spend most of our working hours communicating without purpose, and then wonder why we don't secure that client, receive the promotion, or feel defeated. Whether you communicate in the courtroom, or in the conference room, this program will show how communication behaviors dictate our future success and will include specific tips for women to show up with purpose and power! 

Human beings are judged everyday by how we show up, personally and professionally.  Our communication style -what we say, how we say it- has become the basis for how others view us and ultimately treat us. Take charge of your personal and professional future by learning how to communicate with precision and intent for dynamic growth!

Participants will learn how to:

  • ​Increase awareness of how our communication behaviors dictate how others view us and treat us

  • Show up confidently (and why that is important)

  • How to adopt specific body language techniques to increase your influence

  • Control any fears of speaking in front of others

  • Communicate purposefully in both formal and informal situations

At the close of the program, attendees will report: (1) An increased knowledge of how their communication behaviors affect other's perception of them and how this influences their career; and (2) Increased ability to implement specific techniques to communicate confidence, expertise, and influence.​


Meg Bucaro, Communication Strategist​ ​​

Meg Bucaro

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