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In the Matter of the Arbitration of a Dispute Between





Case 34

No. 55947



Mr. Steven J. Urso, WPPA Executive Assistant, Wisconsin Professional Police Association/LEER Division, 340 Coyier Lane, Madison, Wisconsin 53713, for the Association.

Brennan, Steil, Basting & MacDougall, S.C., by Attorney Howard Goldberg, P.O. Box 990, Madison, Wisconsin 53701-0990, for the City.


Pursuant to a request by Wisconsin Professional Police Association/Law Enforcement Employee Relations Division, herein the "Association," and the subsequent concurrence by the City of Monroe, herein the "City," the undersigned was appointed Arbitrator by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission on June 8, 1998, pursuant to the procedure contained in the grievance-arbitration provisions of the parties' collective bargaining agreement, to hear and decide a dispute as specified below.

A settlement conference was conducted by the undersigned on June 11, 1998. Thereafter, a hearing was scheduled for December 21, 1998, in Monroe, Wisconsin. At hearing on said date, the parties entered into a Settlement Agreement which is attached hereto. The record then was closed.

Based on same, and the entire record, I issue the following


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Based on the Settlement Agreement which is attached hereto, the case file in this matter is closed and the matter is dismissed with prejudice.

Dated at Madison, Wisconsin, this 7th day of January, 1999.

Dennis P. McGilligan /s/

Dennis P. McGilligan, Arbitrator

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August 4, 1998

Mr. Steven Urso

Executive Assistant

Wisconsin Professional Police Association

340 Coyier Lane

Madison, WI 53713

RE: Cross Training Plans/Records/Michele M. Jones

Dear Mr. Urso:

It is my desire to also cross train Michele M. Jones in records duties within the Police Department based on her request. I will attempt to schedule this as soon as can be done effectively, however, I may not be able to do so as quickly as hoped.

Currently, we are in the process of field training with four (4) officers, two (2) are now operating solo, but have no knowledge of how to work dispatch. The other two (2) are only about in the middle of their program with an FTO and also have no knowledge of working dispatch. Factored in with short staffing for records, this makes it difficult to pull another dispatcher from that staff for training.

In addition, I am now told that another dispatcher will begin maternity leave in early October, which will precipitate rescheduling of dispatch. Likely this will mean that Michele Jones will be pulled up to Day Shift dispatch.

We will try to begin cross training in late September, after the large Cheese Days event, so around the last week in that month we will try to schedule some training. This likely will be held up by the aforementioned maternity leave in October, and may have to be delayed until November. Again, it seems to take about six (6) weeks to be familiar, this may have to be done by a process of a week here and a week there.

This is the best we can do for now, hopefully, if everyone remains patient, we can get training done here, which could benefit us all.

Respectfully yours,

Frederick A. Kelley /s/

Frederick A. Kelley

Chief of Police

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December 21, 1998

The City agrees to extend this letter agreement so that training will begin on or before April 30, 1999, unless unforeseen events arise which may delay training. In return, the Union and the grievant, Michele Jones, agree to dismiss, with prejudice, her grievance #98-205 which was submitted to the WERC. This document will constitute a consent agreement and the Arbitrator is authorized to issue a consent award incorporating the terms of this agreement which will form the basis for finalizing this matter.

Michele Jones /s/

Michele Jones

Steven Urso /s/

Steven Urso



Frederick Kelley /s/

Frederick Kelley

Howard Goldberg /s/

Howard Goldberg