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In the Matter of the Arbitration

of a Dispute Between




Case 76

No. 49717



Previant, Goldberg, Uelmen, Gratz, Miller & Brueggeman, S.C., by Ms. Naomi E. Eisman, on behalf of the Union.

Weld, Riley, Prenn & Ricci, S.C., by Mr. James M. Ward, on behalf of the County.


The above-entitled parties, herein "Union" and "County", are privy to a collective bargaining agreement providing for final and binding arbitration. Hearing was held in Ladysmith, Wisconsin on February 2, 1994. The parties waived the filing of briefs. I there issued a "bench decision" which this Award augments.

Based upon the entire record, I issue the following Interim Award.


1. Grievant Joseph D. Kochevar shall be reinstated to his former position effective February 7, 1994, but on the day shift and without any back pay.

2. Kochevar shall remain on the day shift until January 1, 1995, unless Sheriff Dean C. Meyer exercises his sole discretion and chooses to put Kochevar on another shift before January 1, 1995.

3. Effective January 1, 1995, Kochevar shall be entitled to bid for another shift pursuant to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement and then will be treated like any other bargaining unit employes for the purpose of shift preference.

4. Kochevar shall receive pro-rated vacation credits from September 1, 1993, to the present and the County shall forgive any health insurance premiums it has made on his behalf from the time of his termination to the present.

5. Kochevar shall receive full seniority for all of the time that he has been off work from the time of his termination to the present.

6. As a condition of his reinstatement, and continued employment, Kochevar will continue to receive appropriate medical treatment and he shall execute a written medical release allowing his doctor to release needed medical information to Sheriff Meyer.

7. To resolve any questions which may arise over application of this Award, I shall retain my jurisdiction for one (1) year.

Dated at Madison, Wisconsin this 18th day of February, 1994.

By Amedeo Greco /s/

Amedeo Greco, Arbitrator