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Monroe County (Human Services Department)

W.E.R.C. Case #103

No. 49214, MA-7862

February 10, 1994

Consent Award

The following constitutes a full disposition of the grievance filed in this matter.

(1) Employees who have claims arising between October 25, 1992 and today's date shall come forward with those claims no later than February 23, 1994.

(2) A claim shall be defined as a request for compensation for telephone calls taken and/or made outside normal working hours, while the employee is on call. The call or calls and accompanying paperwork must last for 30 minutes to qualify for compensation. A call may consist of a single call or a series of calls arising out of a single incident.

(3) Any dispute over the legitimacy of a claim will be submitted to arbitration. The parties will seek an expedited award.

(4) Compensation for claims, as defined in paragraphs (1) and (2) above will be in cash.

(5) Future claims for compensation for calls taken/made while an employee is on call shall be for calls (or a series of calls originating from a single incident) which take at least 30 minutes to handle. Compensation under this paragraph shall be awarded in compensatory time only.

(6) Any time or money provided under the Sections of this Award will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. [This only applies for time worked in excess of 30 minutes.]

(7) This Award is not intended to apply to or interpret the provisions of Article VIII, Section 2.

(8) This Award is non-precedential and should not be read to contain any admission.

Dated at Madison, Wisconsin this 10th day of February, 1994.

By William C. Houlihan /s/

William C. Houlihan, Arbitrator