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Case 131

In the Matter of the Arbitration No. 48470

of a Dispute Between


No. 48471

and MA-7610


Case 132

No. 48472


Case 137

No. 48476 MA-7615


Mr. David White, Staff Representative, Wisconsin Council 40, AFSCME,

AFL-CIO, appearing on behalf of the Union.

Mr. Donald Peterson, Corporation Counsel, Columbia County, appearing on behalf of the County.


The Union and County named above jointly requested that the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission appoint the undersigned to hear a series of 11 grievances in an expedited procedure. During the hearing on February 18, 1993, at Columbia County Manor in Wyocena, Wisconsin, the parties entered into agreements to have the undersigned arbitrator issue the following Consent Awards in four of those cases:

1. Case 137 - Jon Barnard Grievance, Grievance #5555: The County will pay to Jon Barnard 9 (nine) hours of pay and that the County will in 6 (six) months review its current policy that Jon Barnard be required to provide a doctor's excuse for each sick call.

2. Case 133 - Helen O'Neill Grievance, Grievance #1236: This case is moot.

3. Case 132 - Jean Gaastra Grievance, Grievance #1235: The County will remove the disciplinary documents concerning a 3 (three) day suspension from personnel files and pay to Jean Gaastra 2 (two) days of lost wages; and the County will place in Jean Gaastra's personnel file an oral reprimand for stating to a resident, "Oh yes, you better tell your daughters about this," during November 6, 1991, when Jean Gaastra and Helen O'Neill attempted to give a bath to that resident.

4. Case 131 - Disciplinary Policy Grievance, Grievance #1234: The parties will bargain over a disciplinary policy and the Arbitrator will continue to hold jurisdiction in this case. The County will reimburse Jean Gaastra 1 (one) day of lost wages and remove a letter of a one-day suspension from her file. The Union agrees that the only other employees still affected by this pending grievance are Kim Crate and Jean Nelson (phonetic spellings).

Dated at Elkhorn, Wisconsin, this 3rd day of March, 1993.


Karen J. Mawhinney, Arbitrator