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In the Matter of the Arbitration

of a Dispute Between




Case 166

No. 42384



Mr. Keith R. Zehms, Corporation Counsel, and Mr. Marvin Niese, Personnel Director, Eau Claire County, Eau Claire County Courthouse, 721 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703, appeared on behalf of the Employer.

Mr. Merle Baker, Business Agent, Mr. Lyle Bauer, Union Steward, and Mr. Victor Piehl, Grievant, General Teamsters Union Local 662, P.O. Box 86, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701-0086, appeared on behalf of the Union.


On February 9, 1989, General Teamsters Union Local 662 filed a prohibited practice charge against Eau Claire County alleging that the County was refusing to proceed to arbitration over a matter which the parties had contractually agreed to arbitrate. The County subsequently agreed to submit this dispute to arbitration and on June 29, 1989, the Commission appointed William C. Houlihan, a member of its staff, as arbitrator to hear and decide the matter. The parties met, and entered into the agreement set forth below:

1. Victor Piehl will be offered the first full-time cook position that becomes available in the jail.

2. Victor Piehl's seniority date will be that of his original date of full-time hire which is June 7, 1988.

3. Vacation benefits accrued from June 7, 1988 through January 13, 1989 will be paid out after Mr. Piehl's unemployment compensation runs out in July or can be banked. /s/ KRZ, MB, VP

4. Victor Piehl will be paid at the one-year wage rate for all hours worked after the Consent Award is executed.

5. Victor Piehl will be called first for overtime and/or extra hours until he begins full-time employment.

6. Sick days accumulated from June 7, 1988 through January 13, 1989 will be reinstated upon Mr. Piehl's obtaining full-time permanent status.

7. William C. Houlihan will retain jurisdiction through November 10, 1989.

8. This Award is without precedential value.

On behalf of the Union On Behalf of the County

/s/ Merle Baker /s/ Keith R. Zehms

/s/ Victor Piehl


/s/ William C. Houlihan 8/7/89

William C. Houlihan, Arbitrator