State Bar of Wisconsin Return to Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission Decisions



Office of the Clerk



Marilyn L. Graves


November 28, 1994

To: Bruce F. Ehlke

Lawton & Cates

214 W. Mifflin St.

Madison, WI 53703

Lynn Verheyen, Clerk

Brown Co. Courthouse

P.O. Box 23600

Green Bay, WI 53405

Hon. Vivi L. Dilweg

Brown Co. Courthouse

P.O. Box 23600

Green Bay, WI 53405

John C. Jacques

Asst. Corporation Counsel

Brown Co. Courthouse

Green Bay, WI 54305

Sharon A. Gallagher

WI Employment Relations Comm'n

14 W. Mifflin St., #200

P.O. Box 7870

Madison, WI 53707

John D. Niemisto

Dave Rice

Assts. Attorney General

You are hereby notified that the Court entered the following order:

[Decision No. 17585-A]

[NOTE: This document was re-keyed by WERC. Original pagination has been retained]

94-2261 Brown County v. Wisconsin Employment Relations

Commission (L.C. #93-CV-1441)

Before Cane, P.J.

The court having considered the motion of Brown County for relief pending appeal, and having concluded that the motion does not establish good cause for returning the parties to their positions as of September 21, 1993, and does not show good cause for staying a hearing on an enforcement action scheduled for November 29, 1994,

IT IS ORDERED that the motion for relief pending appeal is denied.

Marilyn L. Graves

Clerk of Court of Appeals