State Bar of Wisconsin Return to Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission Decisions

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APRIL 3 1990

Hon. Michael P. Sullivan

Circuit Court for Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Courthouse

Milwaukee, WI 53233

John H. Bowers

Lawton & Cates

214 W. Mifflin St.

Madison, WI 53703

Stuart S. Mukamal

Office of City Attorney

200 E. Wells St., #800

Milwaukee, WI 53202

John D. Niemisto

Asst. Attorney General

P. 0. Box 7857

Madison, WI 53701-7857

Robert G. Ott

Deputy Corporation Counsel

901 North 9th St., Rm. 303

Milwaukee, WI 53233

Decision Nos. 18408-H and 19545-H

The Court today announced an order in your case as follows:

No. 89-1094 Browne, et al. v. WERC/The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, et al. v. WERC (T.C. #749-856)

The court having considered the court of appeals' request pursuant to sec. (rule) 809.61, Stats., that this court accept the certification of this appeal;

IT IS ORDERED the certification is granted.and the appeal is accepted for consideration of all issues raised before the court of appeals; and

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the briefs previously submitted by the parties to the court of appeals shall stand as the parties' briefs in the supreme court. The parties shall submit ten additional copies of their briefs within ten days of the date of this order. The parties will be notified of the date and time for oral argument in this appeal in due course.

Charles P. Stevens

Lindner & Marsack, S.C.

411 East Wisconsin Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Larry P. Weinberg

Kirschner, Weinberg & Dempsey

1615 L Street, N.W., #1360

Washington, DC 20036

Raymond J. LaJeunesse, Jr.

National Right to Work Legal Defense

Foundation, Inc.

8001 Braddock Rd., Suite 600

Springfield, VA 22160

Gary Barczak

Clerk of Courts

901 North 9th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53233


Clerk of Supreme Court.