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Gain insights and understanding on the legal news and issues that affect you the most, with these timely, law-focused publications, e-newsletters, and information resources.

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Wisconsin Lawyer™

The official publication of the State Bar is included in your membership and delivered to your door every month. In it you’ll find timely articles that directly improve your law practice and the delivery of legal services to your clients. Missing an issue? Turn to for archives back to 1997. Visit Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine.

Wisconsin Lawyer™ Directory

This annual directory is your best connection to fellow Wisconsin lawyers, judges, court personnel (including federal, state and tribal court offices) and a variety of special sections, as well as essential member-related information. More on Wisconsin Lawyer Directory.

Lawyer-To-Lawyer Directory

Take advantage of the Wisconsin Lawyer™ Directory’s Lawyer-to-Lawyer section listing approximately 500 lawyers willing to share their knowledge with other lawyers in various areas of practice through brief phone conversations. Explore Lawyer to Lawyer Directory.

WisBar InsideTrack™

The State Bar’s e-newsletter, included in your membership, is emailed each month on the first and third Wednesdays. You’ll discover management tips and timely insight into legislative, court, and State Bar developments. Visit InsideTrack.

Caselaw Express

Keep abreast of the prior week’s supreme court and court of appeals decisions with this free weekly email service. Visit CaseLaw Express.

Rotunda Report™

Understand legislative, judicial, and administrative developments that affect the legal profession and the justice system with this free Government Relations e-newsletter. Subscribe or visit Rotunda Report today!