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Ryan Klesh Public Interest Legal Worker Award

The Ryan Klesh Public Interest Legal Worker Award honors an individual who captures the essence of Ryan Klesh's selflessness, work ethic, and humor in seeking justice for our low-income neighbors, family, or friends.

​​Lucrechia Daye

Lucrechia Daye of Legal Action of Wisconsin is this year’s award winner. While Lucrechia’s nominator, legal secretary Gracie Edwards, used many positive words to describe her co-worker of the last five years – including “extraordinary” and “selfless” — she repeatedly described Lucrechia’s work ethic as “exceptional.”

One look at Lucrechia’s history at Legal Action easily confirms the exceptional impact that she’s had so far. She originally begin working for Legal Action as a temp, but the organization quickly recognized her talents and formally hired her as a legal secretary. In that role, Gracie notes that Lucrechia “worked tirelessly to guarantee that the attorneys she assists are best equipped to provide exceptional representation to their clients.” Within two months on the job, Lucrechia was promoted to paralegal in Reentry Legal Services. Lucrechia embraced her new responsibilities, developing relationships with medical providers to obtain medical records for clients and assisting attorneys with SSI/SSDI applications for clients.

Besides being an extraordinary professional asset to the Legal Action team, Gracie also made sure to mention that Lucrechia spreads laughter and kindness throughout the office. She doesn’t hesitate to ensure her colleagues feel safe and supported, even if it means taking personal leave time to drive an ill co-worker home.

Whether she’s spearheading a new initiative to help Legal Action save money while still providing exemplary legal service or making her colleagues laugh, it’s clear that Lucrechia is a light to others. Without exception, she is a deserving recipient of the 2021 Ryan Klesh Public Interest Legal Worker Award.

Watch the presentation of the Ryan Klesh Public Interest Legal Worker Award