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Nonresident Lawyers Division Founder's Award

The Nonresident Lawyers Division (NRLD) helps nonresident members maintain their ties with Wisconsin. It promotes communication and business opportunities among nonresidents, and it oversees the growing network of local NRLD chapters across the United States.

The NRLD Founder’s Award recognizes a nonresident member who has brought positive change to the division and has actively participated in State Bar activities for many years.

​​David Werwie

David “Dave” Werwie is this year’s recipient. Dave resides in St. Paul, where he’s been the managing attorney of State Farm staff in the Minnesota offices since 2012. Outside of his role as Claim Litigation Counsel, Dave does pro bono work and actively participates in the Nonresident Lawyers Division (NRLD). Dave served as a board member for six years (2010-16) and was elected to serve as president elect (July 2016-17), president (July 2017-18) and past president (July 2018-19). During his time on the board and his terms as President, the NRLD addressed many important issues, including the NRLD’s role in the mandatory/voluntary bar conversation and the difficult task of maintaining the membership of non-resident lawyers in the State Bar.

Glenn Salvo served on the board alongside Dave for many years and noted that, “With Dave’s focus on building member engagement through our state NRLD chapters, we were able to convincingly build the case for our members’ continuing participation in the State Bar despite our many NRLD members’ distance from the state.”

Another fellow board member, Viet-Hanh Winchell, added that “[Dave’s] participation didn’t end when his past presidency term ended.” Since 2018, Dave has served on the Emeritus Task Force – the very Task Force that successfully petitioned the Wisconsin Supreme Court to change the rules to allow those with Emeritus Status to be inactive, thus eliminating certain onerous requirements for CLE credits. This outcome may not have been terribly surprising to those who know Dave well. As Viet-Hanh, who has also faced Dave as opposing counsel, notes: “He goes above and beyond in everything that he does, and he does it with excellence.”

Watch the presentation of the Nonresident Lawyers Division Founder's Award