Inside Track: Keep on Smiling! Save Your Teeth and Your Money with the State Bar’s New Dental Plan:

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    Keep on Smiling! Save Your Teeth and Your Money with the State Bar’s New Dental Plan

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    Jan. 21, 2015 – State Bar of Wisconsin members and their families are invited to join the State Bar’s new group dental plan with Delta Dental of Wisconsin. When services are provided by an in-network dentist, the plan offers 100 percent coverage for routine diagnostic and preventive care, and discounts of 50 to 80 percent for major, emergency, and orthodontic services.

    The State Bar’s dental plan offers coverage for services from the nation’s largest dentist network with two network options:  

    1. The Delta Dental Premier network is the nation’s largest dentist network, and includes more than 90 percent of Wisconsin’s dentists and 81 percent of all dentists nationally. These dentists offer discounts on their services to members covered by the plans.

    2. The Delta Dental PPO network offers members the lowest agreed-upon fees from dentists who are members of this network. While this network is smaller than the Delta Dental Premier network, the Delta Dental PPO network has more locations for members to access dental care than any other dental PPO network in Wisconsin.

    Why should the State Bar’s Delta Dental plan appeal to members and their families?

    • Attractive rates make dental care affordable.

    • Diagnostic and preventive care – covered 100 percent – do not count toward the $1,000 annual benefit maximum.

    • The plan provides orthodontic benefits to members up to age 18.

    • The plan includes the Evidenced-Based Integrated Care Plan (EBICP) providing expanded benefits for persons with diseases and medical conditions that have oral-health implications such as heart disease and diabetes.

    • Dependents can stay on the plan until age 26.

    Plans are priced as follows:

    • Member Only: $30.42/month

    • Member & Spouse: $62.08/month

    • Member & Children: $77.44/month

    • Member, Spouse & Children: $124.54/month

    For more information on benefits, visit Bultman Financial Services, email the com cbultman bultmanfinancial dental plan administrator, or call (800) 344-7040 or (262) 782-9949.

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