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​​Center for Integrity in Forensic Sciences​​

The Center for Integrity in Forensic Sciences (CIFS) is the first non-profit organization in the United States to bring exclusive focus to improvement of the reliability and safety of criminal prosecutions through strengthening the forensic sciences. Its educational and service goals span legislation, all facets of the judicial system, and experiential education of tomorrow’s lawyers and scientists. Its innovative approach allows law students and both undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences to work collaboratively, expanding the knowledge and competency of students across that broad spectrum.

CIFS also works as an enthusiastic partner with other organizations dedicated to improving forensic evidence, such as the Innocence Project and its local affiliates in their own efforts in the realm of forensic science, with academic groups already deeply engaged in assessing and improving the work of forensic analysts and forensic laboratories, civil lawyers, and with all stakeholders in the legal system who share the vision of improved reliability of the American legal system through aggressive efforts to strengthen the forensic sciences in both theory and application.


PINNACLE® is the Continuing Legal Education Department of the State Bar of Wisconsin and provides programs for attorneys, paralegals, and the judiciary. With a commitment to enhancing the knowledge of legal professionals, its mission is to produce the highest quality programing, materials, and professional resources available.

Whether it’s seminars for refining skills and earning continuing education credits, system books and forms to increase practice efficiency and accuracy, or videos to help prepare clients and train staff, PINNACLE delivers.​

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Center for Integrity in Forensic Sciences