Advanced Search Tips

The Advanced Search is powered by Google, and thus the results are sorted by relevance rather than alphabetical order. As a result, you may need to narrow your search if it delivers too many results.

This advanced search gives you nine filters to use when conducting a search for a Wisconsin-licensed lawyer. Use one of the following filters, or any combination, to narrow your search. The more information you add, the easier it is to get the desired results.

WisBar's Lawyer Search provides basic information about attorneys licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. The information provided is reported to the State Bar by its members, who are required by Supreme Court Rule 10.03 to maintain current address information with the State Bar. Optional profile information is added and maintained by individual State Bar members. Members can update select profile information by visiting myStateBar at the top of this site or contacting Customer Service at (800) 728-7788 for assistance.

To find pending public disciplinary cases or to view public disciplinary histories regarding a specific attorney, visit the Wisconsin Court System's database.