29th Annual Institute of Trial Practice

Institute of Trial Practice

Co-produced by State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE and the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA)

Cultivating the Art of Jury Trials for Over 25 Years

Although the number of jury trials is declining, the importance of trial experience remains. With fewer opportunities to develop trial skills, it’s even more important to look to experienced trial lawyers to show you the way – and explain their trial strategy.

State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE and the Wisconsin Chapter of American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) work together to provide this annual demonstration to meet that need.

See How Leading Trial Lawyers Look in Action

Seasoned trial lawyers give attendees a chance to observe a trial from opening statements to verdict, after which actual jury deliberations are shown on-screen. The realistic venue showcases the trial lawyers’ methods of creating compelling opening and closing statements as well as conducting tactical examinations of lay and expert witnesses. You will be able to pick up on the verbal and visual cues that intensify the presentations. To top it off, you’ll hear panel discussions where presenters share the strategy behind the performances so you can put those skills to work in your practice.

Dive Into the Case Before Trial

Knowing the science and art of voir dire can change the outcome of a case. Gain first-hand insight from experienced practitioners as they describe their reasoning for the questions they asked, the strikes they made, and why they may have done it all differently in another situation.

Who should attend:

  • Personal injury litigators
  • Civil litigators
  • Insurance attorneys
  • Criminal defense attorneys
  • Prosecutors
  • Any attorney seeking jury trial experience

How you’ll benefit:

  • Learn to make your direct examinations effective
  • Arm yourself with skillful ways to cross-examine experts
  • Understand what makes a closing argument compelling
  • Watch how jurors interact during deliberation
  • Learn strategies for calling adverse witnesses and when to conduct the direct of the defendants
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