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    • Regulating Farm Emissions: EPA Conducts Two-Year Study
    • Qualified farmers may participate in the EPA's new two-year study of air pollutant emissions from certain types of farms. The study results will lead to the development of standards for measuring and regulating emissions from live-stock operations. Help your farming clients decide whether they should participate, but do it soon - study enrollment ends July 1, 2005.
    • Corporate Chaos: Replacing Home Rule with Foreign Law
    • In its 2004 decision in Beloit Liquidating Trust v. Grade, the Wisconsin Supreme Court applied an unusual and imprecise choice-of-law analysis to determine which state’s law a corporation must follow and rejected the long-standing internal affairs doctrine.
    • Introducing LOMAP: A Source for Law Practice Management Guidance
    • More help with your technology questions is on the way. This summer, the State Bar will launch the Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP), which will provide information and support related to diverse areas of law office management - including technology, business planning, personnel, facilities and operations management, and more.
    • 2004 Technology Survey Results
    • Last summer 1,250 attorneys (731 residents and 519 nonresidents) completed responses to the State Bar's 2004 Technology Survey. Below is a sampling of key findings.

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