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Gordon Sinykin Award of Excellence Recipients

The Gordon Sinykin Award of Excellence recognizes a lawyer or organization for work on an individual law-related education or public service project in the preceding year. The award is presented at the Member Recognition and Networking Celebration.

1993 – Louise G. Trubek, Madison
1994 – Young Lawyer Division Law Day for the Clergy Committee
1995 – Hon. William D. Dyke, Dodgeville
1996 – La Crosse County Bar
1997 – John S. Skilton, Madison
1998 – La Crosse County Bar Association
1999 – Jefferson County Bar Association
2000 – Dane County Bar Association
2001 – Racine County Bar Association
2002 – Marathon Bar Association (Shane Falk)
2003 – Jerome M. Elliott, Beloit
2004 – Michele M. LaVigne, Madison
2005 – Irene Wren, Madison
2006 – Marsha M. Mansfield, Madison
2007 – Jennifer L. Binkley, Madison
2008 – Michael Hatch, Madison and Bruce Keyes, Milwaukee
2010 – Jenifer Binder, Stevens Point and Kristine Louise Havlik, Milwaukee

* deceased