BSL 301: Business Principles for a Successful Law Firm
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BSL 301 is perfect for BSL 201 attendees, current law firm owners, or lawyers who have experience working in a law firm. The seminar will help you:

  • Assess your expectations for your law firm and yourself
  • Analyze your business plan to determine if it complies with special regulations
    Please note: A business plan is not mandatory to attend, but can be brought to share with coaches and fellow attendees.
  • Learn more advanced business school concepts related to operations, financial management, marketing, and human resources
  • Dive deeper into the ethical obligations of operating a law practice

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Time Management for Lawyers: Are You Living to Work or Working to Live?

Time management is a challenge for owners of law firms. There are many priorities to juggle and never enough time to get it all done. This session will focus on creating time to work on your business rather than just in your business. We‘ll help you understand where interruptions are coming from and more importantly how to minimize them so you can stay focused and be more productive each day.

  • New practice models
  • Quality of life issues
  • What are reasonable expectations

Thomas J. Palzewicz, ActionCOACH


Business Plans for Lawyers

No matter how good your strategy is, it also has to get executed if you want to succeed. Do you have the right team in place? Are you using the right products, processes, and systems? Are you meeting your legal, financial, and professional responsibilities? Bring your business plan and see what you can do to enhance your firm‘s performance and productivity.

  • Review of business plan essentials
  • How to assess your business plan

Jeffrey S. Krause, Solfecta LLC

10:00am Break

Business School Advanced Topics: Operations

The accounting structure of a company is essential to its operations. Only by understanding the money and information flow will you know how to control costs, manage change, improve performance, and create value. This session will provide you with tools and resources for turning operational data into the kind of insight you need to make strategic decisions for your firm.

  • Accounting methods
  • How to improve collections and increase revenue

Jennifer Konieczka, Jannsen & Co.
Jeffrey S. Krause, Solfecta LLC


Business School Advanced Topics: Financial Management

The presenter has literally written the book on financial management and will discuss how to analyze profitability, understand cash flow and manage accounts receivable. These strategies, also in his book “Consistent Cash Flow” will give you the tools you need to build a more profitable practice.

  • Analyzing profitability
  • Building a book of business
  • Client acquisition costs
  • Cash flow forecasting (in/out and internal)
  • Managing accounts receivable

Thomas J. Palzewicz, ActionCOACH


Lunch (on your own)


Business School Advanced Topics: Marketing

Marketing is all about buying clients. The lower your cost of acquiring new clients, the more profitable your firm will be. This session will provide you with the secrets to defining your niche, creating a unique selling proposition, and developing a referral and lead generation machine. These ideas will help you leverage your marketing to make your business more profitable.

  • Refining your niche
  • Distinguishing yourself from the competition
  • Regularly reviewing market trends and competition
  • Getting and giving referrals

Thomas J. Palzewicz, ActionCOACH


Business School Advanced Topics: Human Resources

This session will assist you in identifying existing and potential “profit centers” and opportunities for delegation and otherwise improving workflow. This session will also assist you in preparing for and conducting employee evaluations, managing client expectations, and ensuring consistency in client communications.

  • Managing people: staff, interns, partners
  • Analyzing profitability of support staff, contract attorneys, of-counsel, etc.
  • Meeting expectations using client communication metrics

Mark J. Goldstein, Goldstein Law Group




Ethics For Real: How to Stay Out of Trouble When You May Not Know What You Are Doing

Success in practice often depends on careful selection of new clients and cases. While it may be tempting to take whatever client calls or walks into your office when starting out, doing so may jeopardize your practice. Case screening and evaluation is an essential management tool. This session will help you develop procedures for screening and evaluating clients and cases, establishing reasonable client expectations through engagement agreements, and handling difficult clients.

  • Screening and evaluating clients
  • Drafting fee agreements
  • Handling difficult clients

Mark J. Goldstein, Goldstein Law Group
Aviva M. Kaiser, State Bar of Wisconsin
Timothy J. Pierce, State Bar of Wisconsin


Networking & Leadership

The seminar will conclude with a focused discussion on how important leadership is to your firm. We will also review the 6 Keys to Building a Winning Team to help you understand how to build a team around you that will take your business to the next level.

  • Speaking engagements
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Giving back

Thomas J. Palzewicz, ActionCOACH


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