BSL 201: Business Plans for Lawyers
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Ideal for new graduates, experienced lawyers looking for a change, or current law firm owners wanting a refresher, BSL 201 will help you:

  • Identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur and how they apply to you
  • Learn the essentials of a business plan specifically designed for law firms
  • Gain a basic knowledge of concepts related to operations, financial management, marketing, and human resources
  • Understand the important ethics rules that must be followed when you own a law practice

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8:30 AM

Entrepreneurship for Lawyers: Are You Really Cut Out for This?

Let‘s begin with the end in mind. What is your vision for the future? What are your goals for the business and for your life? How do you set goals that are meaningful and will keep you accountable to achieve? Being a lawyer is hard enough, but if your law firm isn‘t successful, then the temptation to cut corners and let your ethical duties slide can become too much. Set the direction for your law firm to help you stay focused on the right stuff during the remaining sessions.

  • Learning to be an entrepreneur
  • Assessing your expectations and risk tolerance
  • What is your vision for your business now, in 5 years, and in 10 years?

Christopher G. Carman, ActionCOACH


Business Plans for Lawyers

Whether you are just starting out, growing your business, or seeking outside help, having a business plan will help you think through the difficult questions, formulate strategies for success and growth, and avoid problems that could cost you money - or even your law license. In this session, you will learn why you need a business plan and get some tips for putting one together.

  • Discovering what is a “law firm” business plan?
  • Developing your mission statement
  • Determining your basic needs, future needs, and unnecessary items
  • Focusing on your competitive advantage in your elevator pitch
  • Finding additional resources

Jeffrey S. Krause, Solfecta LLC




Business School Basics: Operations

The biggest takeaway you should get from this session is to plan and plan and plan. To succeed in business, you need a plan to optimize your time and financial resources. This means choosing an appropriate business entity, understanding the legal requirements of owning and operating a business, and planning for different tax considerations. This session will tell you what you need to know, and show you how subtle differences in operations management can create big opportunities.

  • Entity structure
  • Systems and software
  • Tax considerations

David M. Elmer, Jannsen & Co.
Jeffrey S. Krause, Solfecta LLC


Business School Basics: Financial Management

What are the key numbers, ratios, and financial statements you need to know to help you more effectively run your firm? This session will give you the financial knowledge you need to make strategic decisions, get better results, and ensure you have more money in your bank account at the end of the year.

  • Analyzing income and costs
  • Projecting earnings
  • Ensuring consistent cash flow

Christopher G. Carman, ActionCOACH




Business School Basics: Marketing

Learn the 5 ways to increase your firm‘s revenue and profits by 61% or more. Also, we‘ll discuss how to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the advertising you are currently doing, leading to more and better prospects for your firm.

  • Evaluating the market
  • Targeting advertising

Christopher G. Carman, ActionCOACH


Business School Basics: Human Resources

Success in practice depends, in large part, on the team you assemble and how that team matches up against your existing and anticipated workload. Your team may include attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, law clerks, and “office shares.” This session will address the when and how of hiring, setting compensation and benefits, onboarding, and structuring job duties and workflow.

  • Managing people: staff, interns, partners
  • Scheduling and prioritizing tasks

Mark J. Goldstein, Goldstein Law Group, Milwaukee




Ethics For Real: How to Stay Out of Trouble When You May Not Know What You Are Doing

How do you tout your professional accomplishments or accolades? What can you say in those blog posts? When can you say that you specialize in a certain area? Marketing a law practice can raise complex ethical issues. This session will address some of the most common marketing-related ethical traps and help you avoid them.

  • Social media marketing (blogs, rating services, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Firm names and letterheads
  • Expectations, comparisons, and guarantees
  • Specialists and experts
  • Groupon and Daily Deals
  • Firm websites

Mark J. Goldstein, Goldstein Law Group
Aviva M. Kaiser, State Bar of Wisconsin
Timothy J. Pierce, State Bar of Wisconsin


Networking Tips

This marketing tactic is so vital to a law firm that we gave it its own section. Time and time again we see that the most successful firms are the ones that make networking a priority. Learn how and where to network and the important secrets to get your phone ringing with qualified clients.

  • Networking within and outside practice area
  • Collateral referrals
  • State Bar and community involvement

Christopher G. Carman, ActionCOACH


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